Detours Off-road Hardware

Rhino Ring Light Assembly Installation

  1. Remove any obstructions from ring assembly area which may interfere with installation.

  2. Remove grill assembly.

  3. Place ring against detented circular area, mark area in which the studs have a good mounting surface, mark around the studs for drilling, drill a 3/8" hole for each stud. The 3/8" holes will allow some play or adjustment for perfect placement. Prior to attaching ring in place, find the center - line of the ring area, place a piece of tape within this center area with a centerline drawn on it, measure down aproximately 1", and then again 1-1.25" inches down making a mark on the centerline drawn on the tape. (see picture) Mount the ring using the holes drilled and tighten to a snug fit.

  4. Lighting: Attach your lighting to the bracket provided

  5. Reaching thru the grill area, position your light, mounted to bracket, within the ring area, centered. Be sure the bracket in which the light is mounted to, is resting against the back side of the header panel. With your hand holding it firmly in-place, use a 1/8" drill bit as a pilot hole, drill thru your marked areas on the piece of tape, drilling thru the header and marking your light bracket but not drilling thru it.

  6. Remove your light and bracket after drilling the 2 holes required per side, remove light from bracket. We used a drill press, but this next step can be done by hand as well. Drill thru your now marked light bracket, using a 5/16" drill bit, de-bur, re-prime or paint your light bracket, remount lighting.

  7. Drill the 1/8" pilot holes you created earlier with the 5/16" drill bit, debur & touch up as needed.

  8. Using the stainless steel cap head hardware provided, finish your installation assembling the light bracket to the header panel using a #9 allen wrench & a 1/2" wrench. Adjust lighting as required, wire lighting per manufacturers instructions.