Detours Off-road Hardware

KJ Backbone Bumper System Installation

  1. Remove grill, bumper cover to expose front cross member.

  2. With cross member exposed - At unibody openings (2), using a combination square, measure 2-7/8" up from the cross-member's base as shown. Follow the lines as you scribe & cut your measurement using a jigsaw/sawzall/dremel or right angle grinder with an .045 cutting wheel. Use a hammer to simply tap & fold the material back. (as shown)

  3. Establish your left & right unibody BackBone retaining bracket, remove the lower sandwich plate & match it up to your 2 existing holes located on the underside of the unibody, trace the third hole with a pencil or Sharpie onto the unibody. You will need to drill this hole, be sure plate is square with the unibody rail. Hole size will need to be 1/2", prep & drill in the area you marked. (we recommend a 'step-drill' for this area, along with safety glasses)

    After the 1/2" hole required has been drilled, remove any further remaining bolts attached to the retaining bracket, slide the bracket into the unibody, at this time position the side spacer sleeve between the bracket and the unibody (inside the unibody) and install the 3/8" bolt thru the existing factory hole on the side of the unibody, thru the spacer and into the bracket, leave loose for now. (Passenger side requires you to move the windshield washer jug out of the way to install the side bolt).

  4. To the left & right side of cross-member, you'll notice a factory hole, using a 1/2" drill bit, place the drill into the hole and squarely drill the back side of the cross-member. After drilling is complete, install the crush sleeve into the front of the cross-member, raise the BackBone retaining bracket up aligning the cross-member hole in the bracket to the cross-member, install the 7/16" bolt thru the entire assembly, exiting the 1/2" hole you drilled. (leave loose)

  5. With the cross-member bolt loosely in place and the side bolt connection loosely in place, return to the BackBone retaining brackets base, install the base sandwich plate and 3 (per side) 7/16" bolts thru the sandwich plate threading the bolts into the retaining plate, be careful not to cross thread any connections.

    *NOTE*- At this time, you should have 5 bolts per side installed, all bolts should be able to move freely. At this time REMOVE the 2- 5" long, 7/16" bolt which passes thru the front cross-member carefully and proceed to step 6.

  6. Your Backbone retaining brackets should now look like this.

    Carefully place the BackBone up to the brackets, placing it on the small clips welded in place, reinsert the 5" long, 7/16" bolts thru the BackBone/bracket and cross-member followed by aligning all other remaining bolts thru the plate to the bracket, snug bolts hand tight.

  7. At the base of the BackBone there are connections on either side, slide the inserts provided into the front cross-member to align with connections and install the 3/8" bolts provided, again only finger tight for now.

    On the backside of the front cross-member, now install the backing plates over the 5" long, 7/16" bolts previously slid thru the assembly, follow with a washer & nut on each bolt. (last pic in email 7 goes here)

  8. With all bolts now in place, snug each and every bolt hand tight working your way around the entire assembly, return and torque all bolts to 45ft/lbs or simply check all bolts and tighten fully.

  9. BUMPER TRIMMING. On the back side of your KJ bumper cover you'll find an addition pieces of plastic in-which your wiring harness is also attached. Remove wire harness and cut free the center section of this plastic and discard. (be careful NOT to damage your bumper skin)

    A template has been provided to help you locate and trim your front bumper cover, the template is made to be used on the earlier KJ bumper skins in full, newer KJ's will only use 'part' of this template. (the amount has yet to be fully determined, tread lightly and only trim a little at a time for proper fit on newer KJ's)

    Find and place a center line on the top center section of your bumper skin, peal the template and align the template center line to your center line, the 2 rear 'points' of the template should be touching the vertical lip of the bumper skin, typically hidden by the KJ's grill.

    With template in-place, aligned to your center line, trim the plastic bumper cover with a jigsaw/Dremel or right angle grinder with an .045 cutting wheel, YOUR CUT SHOULD FOLLOW THE EDGE OF THE TEMPLATE. After cutting, test fit the bumper skin to the BackBone, if additional trimming is required, proceed CAREFULLY for best fit & finish.

    Re-secure the wiring harness on the back side of the bumper cover and re-install bumper skin to the KJ, your install is complete.

*NOTE*- Detours can not and will not be liable for any individual who may have not fully read our directions provided and miss-cut or poorly cut their bumper skin to fit around the Detours BackBone KJ System. It is solely up to the vehicles owner to cut, trim and fit the bumper skin in a manner which the end result will look correct & professional.