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Detours Front Shock Cheaters - (FSC's)

Detours Front Shock Cheaters, "FSC's" for short, are designed for 2 purposes. The first is to tune your shocks to your body, if your wheel is stuffed into your wheel-well or you've bottomed out on your bump stop and there's still shock shaft exposed, you're loosing out on the other end of the spectrum, droop. If you have say 1-3/4" shock shaft exposed with your tire stuffed, FSC's can take up that gap and provide you an additional 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" of useable articulation once installed, providing a shock which is now tuned to your Jeep's body, maximizing shock travel.

The second use for FSC's are simple 'cheaters'. Have you increased your lift without swapping shocks, upgrading? Here's the solution at less than half the cost of new shocks. FSC's are built to last, these are not throw away parts, they'll most likely out last your Jeep. Designed for Jeep Cherokees, Wranglers and Comanche's running the Dana 30 axle, and Rubicons running the factory Dana 44 front axle.

FSC's ship primer/sealed with hardware included and are sold in pairs. Install takes only about 10 minutes per side. Standard size is 1-1/2" in height, custom sizes available by request.

Untuned shock with 2.5" of unused shock travel.

Solution, 2" FSC's

Easy install, remove bolts at base of shock, insert FSC and bolt in.

Reinstall shock to FSC with provided hardware

A shock now tuned to the body, and providing 100% of it's intended travel.

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Front Shock
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