Detours Off-road Hardware

C3R - Class 3 Recovery Installation

  1. Prior to installing, inspect your hitches condition and connections to determine wether or not it's in serviceable condition, clean any rusted areas & repaint as required.

  2. The following installation was done with the hitch in place, still mounted onto the vehicle, if you choose to remove your hitch to install the C3R's, the instructions remain the same.

  3. After cleaning up your hitch, simply locate and clamp the C3R into desired area for drilling, a C-Clamp works best.

  4. Using a strong drill motor, use a 1/2" drill bit and drill the holes required using the C3R as a guide.

  5. Since we didn't remove the hitch, taking our time we drilled straight thru to create the rear hole required. Place a bolt in each thru-drilled hole to prevent any movement in the C3R while drilling the remaining hole within bracket.

  6. After all holes are drilled, all bolts are installed, tighten bolts good and secure. Your installation is complete.

  7. Periodically, be sure to inspect connections and your hitch as part of your routine maintenance.