Detours Off-road Hardware

Bumper Brow Lite Bar Installation

For best results, the installer may want to install the light bar prior to mounting lights, the bar would be installed and loosely secured. From there, locate the desired position for lighting and mark these areas for drilling after bar is removed. After all holes have been drilled for lighting, completely paint your light bar and install lighting after the paint has cured prior to installing onto your bumper.

We took a very simple approach to mounting our BBlB-2 set up, for the BBlB-2, you will need to remove the bumper or the vacuum can in order to install the passenger side connections.

  1. After measuring and positioning the BBlB-2 in the center of the bumper, we simply leaned the bar forward and marked the areas in which the mounting studs needed to pass thru the bumper.

  2. We then drilled pilot holes in the marked areas (1/8"), we then double checked our hole pattern for fit, if fit is good, drill your 1/8" pilot holes out to 3/8", this will allow a small amount of play or adjustment, if more is play or adjustment is needed, follow up with a 7/16" bit.

  3. Install light bar thru drilled holes, install backing plate and hardware to the underside, snug, adjust, tighten.

  4. Be sure to follow your lighting manufacturer's instructions when wiring lighting.