Detours will no longer be supplying clips to remount your bumper, it has come to our attention your "stock" mounting brackets work with the BackBone system with only minor adjustment. Owners will need to loosen the bolts holding the bracket, onto the bumper OUTWARD to 33-3/8" allowing the brackets & bumper to slide over the BackBone system.

Loosen bolts retaining bracket to bumper, spread brackets to a distance of 33-3/8" BETWEEN mounting brackets, re-secure bracket to bumper.

MOST bumpers & bracketry have enough allowance in the factory provided slotted holes to create the distance of 33-3/8" required, if you findthe bumper/brackets your working with wont provide the dimension of 33-3/8" required, elongate slotted holes in bumper or bracket using a file, dremel tool or reamer to achieve distance required.

Refer back to installation directions and continue installation as noted. This is the only change/update to the XJ Backbone install instructions, 3/15/2008